Gesture Remote – the future of TV control

The future is here: you can now surf through TV channels and digital media using simple gestures – touch-free – with no keypad in sight. The new Gesture Remote concept from Microchip Technology allows you to control all features of your TV without having to press a single button.

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Gesture Remote - a revolutionary experience
As we head into a new era where the lines between traditional television and web-based multimedia begin to blur, our relationships with our devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Accessing content beyond standard TV channels - from on-demand video to social networks - requires a higher level of interactivity and a whole new breed of remote control. The innovative Gesture Remote provides a simple and intelligent interface that can be used to navigate the wide array of content available on modern TVs. Gesture Remote transforms watching television into a magical, intuitive experience.

Brand new virtual features
The Gesture Remote offers a new way to interact with your television. Using simple thumb gestures, users can now:
  • Easily drag & drop or point & select content – thanks to our virtual mouse functionality
  • Scroll, flick, rotate, or zoom in & out for volume control and channel selection, using Gesture Remote’s virtual sliders

The technology behind Gesture Remote
Gesture Remote uses GestIC® technology from Microchip Technology to detect and track hand, finger, or body movement. This makes it possible to control products without needing to touch a screen, trackpad, or keyboard. GestIC® technology adds a completely new dimension to internet and multimedia user interfaces by allowing users to interact with their devices using only hand or finger gestures.

GestIC® technology enables a revolutionary new user interface by offering three-dimensional, contact-free position tracking and gesture recognition. It is unique in its ability to measure not only 3D position, but also the direction and velocity of movement in 3D space.

Gesture Remote – enabling a new way of interacting with your TV