Is Gesture Remote for sale?

The Gesture Remote video demonstrates a prototype of a TV controller that utilizes Microchip Technology’s patented GestIC® technology. GestIC ® is a revolutionary user interface that offers three dimensional position tracking and gesture recognition, which means no contact is required at all. The underlying electrical field sensor technology for GestIC ® – including signal processing and gesture recognition capability –enables a completely new dimension for manufacturers to develop truly innovative consumer products for gaming, computing, TV peripherals and remote controllers like the Gesture Remote . If you’d like to know more and keep updated on the progress of this technology, contact us at GestICconcept [at] microchip.com.

Is technical information on GestIC available, e.g. technical principle, range, requirements etc.?

Microchip Technology’s patented GestIC ® gesture control technology enables detection and tracking of hand, finger or any body movement to control consumer products without needing to touch a screen or a keyboard. This adds a completely new dimension in the user interface of mobile and consumer electronics, allowing users to interact with their devices using only gestures of the hand or finger.

GestIC ® is a revolutionary new user interface offering three dimensional contact free position tracking and gesture recognition. It measures relative 3D position and 3D movement detection, direction and velocity. This technology exploits the ability of the human body to influence a minor electric field near any product which utilizes our GestIC ® sensors. Please contact us via email GestICconcept [at] imicrochip.com

I’m from the press, who should I talk to?

If you are writing an article about Gesture Remote, gesture control technology or would like more information about our technology/products/company, please send an email to GestICconcept [at] microchip.com. So that we can provide the right information, please be as specific as possible about the type of information you are looking for and the type of audience your publication or media channel addresses.

I’m interested in design support (industrial design, user interaction design, interface design)

We have developed the Gesture Remote in conjunction with our partners. Please contact our Gesture Remote design partners zinosign info [at] zinosign.com and LUNAR Europe GmbH info [at] lunar-europe.com for more information.

I’m in manufacturing and looking for business opportunities, who should I talk to?

Gesture Remote is in prototype development. We are open to cooperation partners on realizing the Gesture Remote, or similar projects which might benefit from this touch-free user-interface capability. Please contact us via email GestIC.Concept@microchip.com.